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We service and repair all makes and models of desktops and laptops. Our certified technicians are able to handle any job from virus and malware removal to hardware repairs and upgrades.

Example Services

  • Diagnostics
  • Virus, malware, ransomware removal and remediation
  • Tune-up
  • Data recovery
  • Replacement of laptop keyboards
  • Replacement of broken or cracked laptop screens.
  • Hardware component replacement
  • Hardware repair and upgrades
  • Software repair and upgrades
  • Migrate your data and settings from old computer to new
Laptop Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair

If your laptop screen is broken or cracked, we can fix it!

We are a computer repair shop located in Winter Haven, FL and provide affordable service for all makes and models of desktops and laptops including Apple, System76, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, ASUS, Acer, Razer, and MSI. Our technicians are experienced with Linux, macOS, and Windows.

What to Expect

Option A: Bring your computer to us

This is usually the most cost-effective option. We have a minimum charge (diagnostic fee) of $40, which is collected as a deposit when we receive your computer. After evaluating it, we will contact you with an estimate.  The $40 deposit will be applied to your bill.

Many jobs fall into our flat-rate labor tiers below but may be adjusted up or down depending on your computer’s specific needs. Free free to chat with us for a personalized estimate.

Factory resetsVirus removal and remediationCrypto/ransomware removal and remediation
Software installation, Email setup, etc.Operating system installation and setupOperating system installation with data backup & restore
Data migration between working devicesHardware installationHardware repairs on Apple or All-in-One devices
Tune-upLaptop screen replacementLaptop hardware repairs besides screen replacement

Option B: We come to you

If you are a business, we can come to you. For on-site work, we charge $80/hour, with a one-hour minimum. In some cases we may have to bring the computer back with us to the shop, stopping the clock.

Option C: We access your computer remotely

Some issues can be resolved by allowing us to connect to your device over the Internet so we can see your screen. For remote assistance, we charge $80/hour in 15-minute increments. First time customers have a 30-minute minimum, and subsequent tickets are only 15-minute minimum.

Don’t be shy!

Stop by, call us, email us, or click the blue chat button in the lower right of the page if you have any questions.