Every data storage system will—eventually—fail! We offer multiple strategies for protecting your precious data.

We take a proactive approach to data backups. By assessing your needs and building a backup solution for your business, we can actively monitor and confirm that the backups are being performed accurately. If the need should arise, we can jump into action quickly to get your data restored and have you back to business as usual.

To the Cloud!

At the heart of our service is our cloud storage backup software. We utilize servers here in Winter Haven, Atlanta, and Sacramento to ensure the reliability and availability of your data. Our software can deftly handle multiple versions of the same file, so if you accidentally delete a file or just need to recover and older copy, our software makes it a cinch.


Before being uploaded to our servers, your data is encrypted with strong AES-256 encryption. When setting up your backup account, a high-entropy random key is generated based on your password. This means that the only party with the decryption key is you, ensuring total privacy of your data. Data is always encrypted during backup, transit, and at rest.

On-site Backups

If you require (or just desire) data backups to be stored at your own business, we can set up a storage server on-site and configure our software to use it as a vault—either solely or in addition to our off-site backup for redundancy. Another benefit of an on-premise backup server is faster data recovery and less downtime.

Don’t Be Shy!

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