Expert Service Since 1991

Stewart Brothers is a former technology services company located in southeast Winter Haven, Florida near Legoland. We offer consignment services for your items of value as well as firearm transfers.


I’ve lived in Winter Haven for over 30 years and these guys are the friendliest, nicest, knowledgeable people I know when I’ve had a problem with my electronics. Over the years they have given me free cables if they had an extra or answering questions that were a little over my head. Its just nice to have people like this in your neighborhood, close if you ever need anything done. Wade is my hero for helping me hookup my Oculus Rift and I am so glad that Stewart Brothers has been in my community all this time.

Matthew Rumbel

The bestest most trusting people I know to work with my computers. Been doing business with them more than 15 yrs….

Miriam Vigoa